Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a work request, space alteration and a change in room use?

A change in room use includes any functional changes to the use of an area.  For example,  changing an area from office space to storage space would be considered a change in room use.  A change in room use form is not required for a change of occupancy.  Only functional changes have this requirement.

A space alteration includes any physical changes to the structure of the area.  Examples of this would include the removal of a wall or the installation of an electrical outlet.  A space alteration form is not required for moving or the modification of any non-permanent item in an area. 

Anything that does not fit into the two categories above would be considered a work request.

What services does Facilities provide?

Facilities covers a broad range of services. Primarily, we are responsible for maintaining campus facilities through our Custodial, Grounds, Building Maintenance, and HVAC shops. We also provide non-maintenance services such as small remodeling/construction work on a charge-back basis. We provide a complete project management and planning service. This area encompasses planning for new and renovated facilities as well as managing contractors on campus.  We also have vehicles for lease for University faculty and staff (business purposes only). Facilities Management and Planning is also your point of contact for campus event reservations/services, moves, asset disposal, and management of surplus property .

What if I'm not getting the help I need?

Although we strive to provide the fastest possible service human and financial resource limitations often mean that projects take longer than we would like. However, feel free to contact the Facilities Service Desk, the department managers, or the director if you have a concern. (Please see our contact page for contact information.)